Timber Fencing in Northumberland

Timber Fencing in Northumberland

Members of the Northumberland Fencing Network boast many options for Timber Fencing in Northumberland. This includes traditional style as well as ornamental fencing panels, garden gates, posts and more. Take a look at our gallery to discover the wide range of options available.

Timber fences are very popular as they look great and our natural. All of our wood is sourced in sustainable ways, which means your Timber Fence does not leave a negative impact on the planet. Our fencing panels come in a variety of colours and finishes. In addition to this, we can offer expert advice to suggest the best possible option based on your preferences and requirements.

Whether you’re looking for quotes or you’re ready to hire, or if you’d like to speak with some Northumberland based fencing companies, we can help.

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What Options Are Available?

Fences are not only important in terms of practicality and dividing gardens, but they can create an attractive aesthetic to your garden to provide pleasure in marking your territory in a unique and more individualistic way. Our members offer a range of timber fencing in Northumberland, that will aim to create an attractive space for you to share with your loved ones.

Members of the Northumberland Fencing Network specialise in timber fencing in Northumberland and endeavour to deliver outstanding service to our customers with every project they take on and every project will be provided with quality materials. .

Why choose a timber fence?

Aesthetic Appeal

Timber will provide your property with great appeal. If you live in a natural setting, fencing made from materials like steel will almost intrude into your visual space – wood, on the other hand, is a natural material and will blend in seamlessly. Timber fencing in Northumberland also provides plenty of options for privacy without making the backyard feel or look like a prison.

Cost Effective

You will find that timber fencing in Northumberland is more affordable than many of the other materials available, such as steel and brick. There are plenty of options available, from the more basic through to the slightly more decorative, ensuring that you’re able to achieve the look you desire without the high price tag. If you’re on a budget, timber is an ideal option.


Ease of Installation

It is possible to slowly and efficiently erect the fencing piece by piece. There aren’t any huge rolls (like the installation of a chain link fence) or other complex components to deal with. If you have access to a post hole digger it can be valuable in preparing the posts, but it is possible to dig the required holes without any special tools or expertise.

Ease of Repair

Since this type of fencing is installed piece by piece, you’ll find that it is also relatively easy to repair – piece by piece. If one paling has sustained damage, you can simply remove it and replace it with a new one. This is also far more affordable than replacing an entire section of fence just because one small area is broken.

If you are interested in timber fencing in Northumberland, we hope that the points outlined above have shown you just some of the benefits that it will offer your property. There are a variety of styles and designs to choose between, from solid paling fences for maximum privacy through to quaint picket fences. No matter which option you select, timber is an attractive and durable choice.

Competitive prices

You can count on highly competitive prices when you choose a member of the Northumberland Fencing Network for timber fencing. At the same time, you can also be sure of the highest quality. For more information, or a free, no obligation survey and quotation please contact us today.